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  • Business Type:Assorted fresh teas and teas
    mixed with fresh ingredients

  • Business Class:Independently owned franchise

  • Store size:8-15 ping / 26 – 50 sq. meters

  • Training Period:12-14 days

  • Contract Period:3 year renewable (no renewal
    fees will be charged)

  • Must have an sincere interest in take-out tea stands

  • Must possess an entrepreneur’s ambition to earn, and a willingness to set a working example of leadership

  • Must be motivated to invest in a long-term business

  • Must have a service-oriented personality and attitude

  • Must be capable of executing franchise strategy developed by the central office

  • Pre-opening Training

  • Basic training, 1-3 days:
    (1) Classroom training:
    Practical professional transformation, shop management and marketing, employee training
    (2) Barkeep training
  • In-shop practicum: 9 – 11 days

  • Post-opening Training

  • During the initial period following the store’s grand opening, a central office trainer will be dispatched to provide guidance on daily shop operations.
    A central office marketing specialist will also provide guidance and assistance in developing the most effective marketing techniques.
  • Guarantee the fundamental know-how is achieved
  • Commercial regions and site recommendation
  • Undertake design and outfitting of the franchise location
  • Provide full training to the franchise owner
  • Provide prompt, complete, and exclusive deliveries
    of raw materials and ingredients
  • Supply professionally produced marketing materials, including graphic designs and text
  • Regularly visit franchise location for consultations
    and advice on business operations