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Because you care, so stick 
Care about the quality of tea, 
requiring eternal tea flavor
This seriously, 
is out constant insistence
A light, fresh, bright green marks these teas. as natural and hand-prepared, by professionals.
With our open drink bar, we can serve up. health you can not only taste, but also see.

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  • Professionalization, standardization and systemization Simple tea-making process allows the tea served around the world to enjoy the same high quality.
  • Raw materials supplied by professional Taiwanese manufacturers This guarantees the high quality of the tea and fruits used.
  • Professional tea R&D team To continuously develop new and goodquality Taiwanese tea drinks.
  • Full adoption of blended honey makes our tea natural and healthful.
  • First in Taiwanese tea drink industry to digitalize the sweetness of the beverages, reducing the burden on the body and allowing consumers to drink at ease.
  • Use of Taiwanese fruits for genuine enjoyment of delicious and healthyFormosan fruits.
  • Tea leaves and raw materials conform to national inspection standards, allowing consumers to drink carefree.
  • Original flavor tea drinks have passed world-class SGS inspection, with strict quality assurance.