【玫瑰系列復刻上市 浪漫情人節第二杯半價!】
2020.02.07 【玫瑰系列復刻上市 浪漫情人節第二杯半價!】 More
【新年刮好運!iphone11 送給你?】
2020.01.01 【新年刮好運!iphone11 送給你?】 More
2019.12.25 【手作功夫茶推出超值聖誕禮包了?】 More
2019.11.24 【新品上市】復刻「紅豆粉粿冰棒」小時候的古早味 More
[功夫新據點] 馬來西亞康樂店盛大開幕啦~
2019.10.12 [功夫新據點] 馬來西亞康樂店盛大開幕啦~ More


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We have been deeply cultivated in Taiwan and have experienced more than ten years of development.

We have spanned 8 countries and more than 10 cities, including Canada, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Macau and South Korea.

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